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World's Absolute Freediving Awards 2011

Thursday, May 31, sponsored by Scubapro and announced the results of the annual award for the best and the most complete freediving competitors.

William Trubridge won the pristegious World's Absolute Freediving Award for the second time in row.  AIDA New Zealand won the classification of nations in the Male category based on a collection of results from Male competitors.

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What are Freedivers in New Zealand up to?



AIDA New Zealand

AIDA NZ is charged with the responsibility of supporting our elite athletes by facilitating competition in New Zealand and internationally as with any sport grassroots activity is important too and AIDA NZ wants to promote the sport at club level.  To maintain consistency in the sport AIDA NZ engages the rules of AIDA International standards and selects internationally qualified judges for every world ranking competition.

AIDA NZ believes that divers should be aware of the risks of the sport and promotes safe diving by compiling appropriate references and contact information for freediving courses run in New Zealand.

WAFA 2011

The WAFA 2011 lists competitors with the best combination of performances in six freediving disciplines achieved in competitions or in individual attempts officially sanctioned by one of existing freediving federations. This year, the main awards belong to Alena Zabloudilová (Czech Republic) and to William Trubridge (New Zealand). They both receive a revolutionary diving computer Scubapro Uwatec Meridian with an integrated heart rate monitor, and freediving equipment from

AIDA New Zealand have also been awarded the nations classification in the Male category thanks to a number of our male freedivers.

WAFA 2011

Read the full press release on the website here.